Women’s Health

Supporting Health And Wellness
At Every Stage Of Life

Our team at Beyond Limits Rehabilitation is passionate about helping women of all ages who might be suffering from health conditions that affect their daily lives. Our Physical Therapists are focused on women’s health issues. We are dedicated to fostering a comfortable and safe environment for treating these often sensitive and intimate health concerns. We provide evidence-based physical therapy interventions that prevent, reduce or relieve symptoms involving pelvic pain, bladder dysfunction, and/or deficits as it relates to prolapse. Whether you are experiencing pelvic discomfort, urinary incontinence or recovering from delivering a baby, Beyond Limits Rehabilitation can help.  Having hip or back pain during your pregnancy, we can help with that too!

When working with a Beyond Limits PT, a detailed patient history will be completed along with a comprehensive assessment of your current medical condition and overall function. Working with you, our PT will then review your goals along with the assessment results to customize an individualized rehabilitation program.

Along with our clinical expertise, we will incorporate the latest, evidenced-based practices and research to help formulate a plan of care that is tailored to meet your individualized needs. Even more impressive, our PTs will work side-by-side with other healthcare professionals to form an inter-professional team dedicated to all aspects of your rehabilitative care, and they are welcome to consult onsite in our office.

At Beyond Limits Rehabilitation, you can trust we will go above and beyond to help remove whatever the limitations, so you can reclaim the highest level of function possible to achieve your desired goals and enjoy life again.

How Beyond Limits Women’s Health focused PT Can Help:

  • Strengthen pelvic floor
  • Improve bladder dysfunction/urinary incontinence
  • Relieve/reduce pelvic pain
  • Manage pelvic organ prolapse
  • Prenatal and postpartum care
  • Minimize need for pain medication
  • Avoid surgery
  • Recover from surgery/injury
  • Enhance quality of life

Beyond Limits Women’s Health Treatments

Myofascial Release Techniques (MFR)
Techniques used to restore the balance between the layers of fascia and various soft tissues throughout the body. MFR requires great skill of the clinician to utilize a hands-on approach to access tissue quality and mobility. MFR techniques are primarily used to address fascial restrictions resulting from adhesions. Adhesions are web like projections that can form throughout the body resulting from faulty movement patterns, postural deficits, injuries and various other mechanisms. Utilizing MFR to address these deficits is integral in restoring equilibrium throughout the body.
Utilizing the connection of mind, body movements, and breathing to inwardly focus on personal health and wellness.
Breath Focus
Incorporating focused breathing techniques during rest and activity to assist in the restoration of whole-body wellness. Breath focus can be a helpful strategy to decrease stress and anxiety which can pose threats to one’s immune system.
Functional Core Stabilization
Prescribing and implementing individualized strengthening and flexibility exercises for functional stabilization of core and pelvic musculature to improve and enhance a woman’s activity of daily life.
Positional Release Techniques
Applying position of comfort of the body and tissues to relieve and or resolve somatic dysfunction. Correcting musculoskeletal and neurological imbalances to facilitate tissue growth and repair for the body to heal.