Physical Therapy

Movement Is The Medicine
That Delivers Hope

Our Beyond Limits Physical Therapists (PTs) are dedicated to restoring and optimizing movement. We utilize a comprehensive approach to diagnose and treat disorders that limit a person’s ability to perform activities of daily living and/or ability to participate in desired activities. Diagnoses include a wide range of orthopedic, neurological, and surgical conditions. Whether you are a weekend warrior, a Class II cyclist or recovering from knee surgery, Beyond Limits Rehabilitation can help.

When working with a Beyond Limits PT, a detailed patient history will be completed along with a comprehensive assessment of your current medical condition and overall function. Working with you, our PT will then review your goals along with the assessment results to customize an individualized rehabilitation program.

Along with our clinical expertise, we will incorporate the latest, evidenced-based practices and research to help formulate a plan of care that is tailored to meet your individualized needs. Even more impressive, our PTs will work side-by-side with other healthcare professionals to form an inter-professional team dedicated to all aspects of your rehabilitative care, and they are welcome to consult onsite in our office.

At Beyond Limits Rehabilitation, you can trust we will go above and beyond to help remove whatever the limitations, so you can reclaim the highest level of function possible to achieve your desired goals and enjoy life again.

How Beyond Limits PT Can Help:

  • Improve mobility
  • Reduce pain
  • Minimize need for pain medication
  • Avoid surgery
  • Recover from surgery/injury/stroke
  • Manage chronic health conditions
  • Increased independence and safety with daily activities
  • Conserve energy
  • Increase strength
  • Improve balance and range of motion
  • Enhance quality of life

Beyond Limits PT Treatments:

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)
The utilization of instruments to address soft tissue restrictions. Soft tissue restrictions involving skin, scar tissue, adhesions, muscle, tendon, ligament, and fascia affects movement. Such restrictions can limit available range of motion, impact muscular function and can slow and even prevent total rehabilitation. Use of instruments to restore the proper tissue tension relationship is important when treating holistically.
Myofascial Release Techniques (MFR)
Techniques used to restore the balance between the layers of fascia and various soft tissues throughout the body. MFR requires great skill of the clinician to utilize a hands-on approach to access tissue quality and mobility. MFR techniques are primarily used to address fascial restrictions resulting from adhesions. Adhesions are web like projections that can form throughout the body resulting from faulty movement patterns, postural deficits, injuries and various other mechanisms. Utilizing MFR to address these deficits is integral in restoring equilibrium throughout the body.
Treatments that are used when deficits in joint integrity, motion, and mechanics are present. This type of manual therapy is very effective to restore proper kinematics in the spine and joints of the extremities. It is a hands-on approach that mobilizes joints throughout the body in order to restore proper biomechanics.
Postural Assessment
Posture affects our day-to-day lives more than we realize. A postural assessment by one of our skilled Beyond Limits therapists can help identify areas of concern that are limiting a patient’s quality of life and causing chronic pain. Once our assessment is complete, we can then recommend the appropriate treatment(s) needed to improve posture and eliminate the chronic pain.
Fitness/Endurance programs
Just as every person’s body is different so too are the fitness programs we recommend. Here at Beyond Limits, after a thorough evaluation, we will then tailor our fitness/endurance programs to your specific needs and lifestyle goals.
Activity Modification
Movement patterns are the ways that our bodies perform daily activities. Repetitive, faulty movements often lead to deficits in posture, function, and can lead to various musculoskeletal and neurologic impairments. Beyond Limits will assess your movement patterns and optimize your body’s function to enhance your ability to perform work, sport and daily activities safer and more effectively.
Pre- or Post-Surgical Rehab
Various studies have proven that pre-surgical rehabilitation (prehab) can significantly impact post-surgery outcomes. Beyond Limits can help you recover faster and more effectively after surgery with a prehab program tailored to your specific needs. For athletes, prehab programs can also improve/restore performance, reduce risk of injury, and increase an individual’s longevity in a given sport.
Gait Training
Whether you are training for a marathon, recovering from a stroke, or learning to walk again following an amputation, Beyond Limits PTs can improve your walking and/or running mechanics to help optimize your gait pattern and decrease your chances of body pain and injury. In fact, research has shown that gait speed (how fast you walk) has been directly correlated to how long you will live (longevity).
Integrative Dry Needling
Integrative Dry Needling is a systematic approach used by physical therapists to manipulate the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular system. Therapists use this approach to normalize inflammation and relieve pain in both acute and chronic conditions. A “dry” (free from solution/medication) filament needle is inserted through the skin into soft tissues, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Dry needling targets neuro trigger points throughout the body. Effective use of this technique purposefully creates micro trauma to pathological tissue in order to normalize inflammation, centrally mediate pain, and produce an environment that enhances the body’s natural ability to heal.

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