Taking A Pro-Active Role
To Optimize Movement

At Beyond Limits Rehabilitation, we offer a wide-range of PREhabilitation (or prehab) services, a form of strength training, designed to help prevent injuries before they occur or, even more often, assist in post-surgical recovery. Various studies have proven that pre-surgical rehabilitation can significantly impact successful post-surgery outcomes. The prevailing philosophy is that “the fitter the patient before surgery… the faster the recovery.”

To determine if prehab is right for you, consult your physician and/or call Beyond Limits Rehabilitation to speak with one of our PTs. For the surgical patient, we can help tailor a prehab program to your specific needs to help ensure a faster, more effective post-op recovery.  For the athlete, we can help improve performance and reduce risk of injury by conducting a thorough movement evaluation to highlight limitations in Mobility and Stability that may be hindering peak performance. Contact us to schedule an evaluation to explore how we can help you optimize your movement.

How Beyond Limits Prehab Can Help:


  • Maximize Endurance
  • Improve Body Mechanics for Performance
  • Reduce the Risk of Injury
  • Improve Flexibility and Joint Range of Motion
  • Improve Stability (Motor Control and Coordination)
  • Improve Spinal Alignment

Post-Op Recovery:

  • Manage side effects of treatments, such as pain
  • Improve function in daily activities, such as walking and stair climbing
  • Improve strength and endurance
  • Less need for post-surgery Health Care Services
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Combat “Frailty” Syndrome

Beyond Limits Prehabilitation Treatments:

A thorough assessment of Movement Quality and Biomechanics will allow the PT to prescribe effective exercises and design workouts to improve Mobility (Flexibility and Joint Range of Motion) and Stability (Motor Control and Coordination). Such programs improve/restore performance, reduce risk of injury, and increase an individual’s longevity in a given sport.
Our PT will begin with an assessment of Static Posture; i.e., assess if the head, shoulders, spine, hips, and ankles are in Neutral Alignment. Then, more specifically, will assess if the Head and Spine are in Neutral Alignment; i.e., spinal alignment. PreHab exercises used to improve spinal alignment include soft tissue therapy, stretching, activate core and shoulder muscles, and practice stability exercises. Our PT will continue to assess Neutral Alignment for each region (neck, shoulders, hips, ankles) and then incorporate PreHab exercises for any region that fails to exhibit Neutral Alignment. Proper alignment is crucial to achieve optimal movement and reduce risk of injury.
Often, individuals develop compensatory patterns and movement dysfunction that occur with repetitive movements. More serious complications include thoracic outlet syndrome, adverse neural tension and impeachment syndrome. PreHab exercises can counter these effects by improving body mechanics and core strength before more significant complications develop.
Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting, also referred to as open heart surgery, is a surgery that restores normal blood flow to the heart, specifically for people who have severe coronary heart disease (CHD). It is not a cure for CHD. Developing a treatment plan before surgery that includes lifestyle changes such as smoking cessation, exercise and education classes twice a week prior to surgery, has been shown to increase post-surgery walking distance, gait speed, reduced anxiety and depression, and overall improved health with the possibility of reducing the chance of CHD getting worse.
Total Joint Replacement (TJR)
Over one million total knee and hip replacements are performed each year. A PreHab exercise program delivered 3 days/week for 3 weeks prior to surgery has shown dramatic results. Such programs focused on resistance training, step training, stretching and cardiovascular endurance training. Benefits include less post-surgical pain, improved function in daily living activities (stairs and walking), and less need for post-surgical health care services.
Activity Modification
Movement patterns are the ways that our bodies perform daily activities. Repetitive, faulty movement often lead to deficits in posture, function, and can lead to various musculoskeletal and neurologic impairments. Beyond Limits will assess your movement patterns and optimize your body’s function to enhance your ability to perform work, sport and daily activities safer and more effectively.
PreHab programs generally recommend treatment 3 days/week with an emphasis on aerobic exercise and nutritional counseling for increased strength and endurance along with relaxation methods to reduce anxiety. Benefits include increased stamina by increasing aerobic capacity, reduced anxiety, fewer hospital stays, decreased therapy interruptions, and help manage side effects.

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